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Rodney Local Board Offices

General News | 09/29/2010

A decision on the initial location for the offices of the Rodney Local Board of the Auckland Council has been made.

Minor modifications to the existing service centre in Baxter St, Warkworth, will be made to accommodate the Local Board chairperson and an administrator and the Board will hold its meetings in the adjacent Masonic Hall.

A decision on whether purpose built, more permanent, accommodation is needed in Warkworth or elsewhere will be made after the  Auckland Council formally comes into being on November 1.

The Auckland Transition Agency (ATA), which is managing the move to the new Council, is establishing Local Board offices in each of the 21 wards in the region.

ATA spokesman David Blow says the decision to utilise the Masonic Hall and existing service centre was made after meeting with Rodney Mayor Penny Webster and senior District Council staff.

“There had been some thought given to either a re-locatable building or major renovations to accommodate the Local Board,” he says. “However this suggestion from Mayor Webster provides an inexpensive and highly practical solution.”

Work on refitting the offices, estimated to cost less than $10,000, will start within the next two weeks.