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Draft Organisational Structure - Auckland Transport Agency

General News | 11/20/2009

Draft Organisational Structure - Auckland Transport Agency

The Auckland Transition Agency (ATA) has released the Draft Organisational Structure - Auckland Transport Agency. The document and a covering letter from ATA Executive Chairman Mark Ford may be accessed at this site.

The document is Part 4 of the Discussion Document - Organisational Structure and Staff Transition released by the ATA for feedback on 2 November 2009.

The ATA is proposing a clear functional model for the Auckland Transport Agency, with three major organisational groupings reporting to an Interim Chief Executive.

Mark Ford, Executive Chairman of the Auckland Transition Agency, said: "The structure is clear and hopefully easy to understand for customers, staff and other stakeholders.  It’s about promoting clarity, accountability and accessibility and you will see clear parallels between this draft structure and that proposed for the Auckland Council.

"The Auckland Transport Agency is required by statute to be a council-controlled organisation, with the strategic direction set by the Auckland Council. Its functions are determined by the Government - these including planning and delivering local roading and public transport, preparing the Auckland Regional Land Transport Programme and working closely with central Government, the NZ Transport Agency and the NZ Railways Corporation, the Auckland Council and local boards.

"The organisation will have a strong focus on customer service and this will be driven by the Interim Chief Executive. Customer service will span all three of the function groups that report to him or her."

The position of Interim Chief Executive for the Auckland Transport Agency will be advertised before Christmas, with the recruitment and appointment process to be undertaken next year.

The draft organisational structure has been circulated to employees of existing councils and council-controlled organisations for feedback.