Work streams

To manage the transition from the existing councils to the new Auckland Council according to the tight timeframe, tasks were divided into project management work streams by the ATA.

Activities in work streams were undertaken in three phases:

  • Discovery – a stock-take of existing organisations and their operating environments
  • Strategy and design – considering and planning the structure of the Auckland Council
  • Delivery – implementation of the activities and tasks required to ensure the Auckland Council is operating on 1 November 2010

Each work stream was run by a project leader from the ATA team. Former council organisations nominated employees to be involved in project teams. Planning and central coordination was done by the ATA's programme management office.

The structure of work streams does not imply a future structure for the new Auckland Council. The number and composition of individual work streams is subject to change.

As of October 2009, the work streams and ATA contacts were:

  • Work force and human resources. Work stream lead Laila Harré
  • Legal. Rob Fisher
  • Community services. Colin Dale
  • Finance and treasury. Andy Coupe and Brian Monk
  • Property and assets. David Blow
  • Council-controlled organisations. Chris Mackenzie
  • Environment: Policy and Planning. Craig Shearer
  • Environment: Environmental Services. Kerry Connolly
  • Environment: Regulatory. Heather Harris
  • Governance. Contact Grant Taylor
  • Customer services. Trish Langridge
  • Business processes and systems. Mike Foley
  • Communications and public affairs. Clive Nelson

 The draft project plan as of 18 August 2009 is available here.